"SAFETYMech. Because, there is no time for downtime."

Our surveillance gives you the accurate state of maintenance of any drilling unit.  This will ensure that your BOP and related equipment complies with your company requirements as well as international standards.


Our inspection compares all risk assessments and surveillance activities in the equipment life cycle, including:

  • Commissioning and Field Acceptance Testing (FAT )

  • Acceptance

  • Start-up Support

  • Troubleshooting and Remediation

  • Regulatory Compliance (ADI/IADC)

  • Verification of Equipment Certification and Documentation

  • Verification of Control Systems and Installation drawings

  • Between Well Certification and Verification

  • Vendor Surveillance

  • Review of Spare Parts

  • Failure Reporting of Troubleshooting and Down Time History

  • Review of Maintenance Procedures and Record Keeping

  • Enhancement of Safety and Reliability

  • Accumulator Volume Calculations per specified well


Following our inspection, you will receive a detailed daily and final on site report created by our surveyor on site. Our surveyor will make known any issues or problems and document them. Our documentation reports can track any equipment failure trends or inconsistencies which may increase OEM responsibilities.

Detailed inspections require experienced Inspectors to conduct regular work area safety inspections, to record information about all safety observations. Linking these observations to non-conformance reports allows us to identify and prevent potential hazards across offshore job sites and geographical regions. The benefits and purposes of conducting surveys are as follows:

  • Identify uncontrolled hazardous conditions, processes, and work practices that may lead to injury, illness, or prohibited releases to the environment.

  • Serve as a communication tool by which responsible individuals are made aware of potential hazardous processes, conditions, or work practices and the appropriate control measures.

  • Identify regulatory risk by assessing compliance with various regulatory standards.



Team Certifications include:

Certificate Number: K6006250 Program ID: DT825, No Expiration

Blow Out Preventer Training, Subsea

International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) / Department of International Trade (DIT)

Certificate Number: K6006259 Program ID: DT825, No Expiration

Multiplex Control Systems

International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) / Department of International Trade (DIT)

Siemens S7 PLC Maintenance Course, No Expiration