SAFETYMech’s experienced team is committed to finding any potential issues that will cause equipment failure.  Our thorough inspections will maximize work time and minimize down time. These detailed BOP inspections include mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical.

Risk Assessment

The assessment of risk is a critical part of the day to day life of the oil and gas industry.

 We have developed our risk assessment philosophy based upon recognized standards used by operators, clients and contractors alike.

Rig Inspections

Our methodology provides thorough verification through detailed inspection, testing and reporting.

We can ensure all equipment is fit for purpose, in good operational condition and verify compliance with international standards.

Safety & Compliance

Safety & compliance  represent one of the most important elements in the implementation of an effective inspection.

We are fully qualified to verify the required compliance and ensure that your drilling unit is compliant with relevant standards.

Quality Assurance

Our goal is to improve the safety and efficiency of inspection
services, while striving to minimize downtime.

The objective is to deliver inspection services that
exceed the requirements, needs and expectations of our clients in compliance with international standards.


Production Completion Testing

  • Frac Valve/Master Valve
  • Frac Trees
  • Production Trees
  • Flowback Manifolds
  • Sandtraps
  • Workover Rig BOP Stacks
  • Liners
  • Backside Testing
  • Frac String Testing

General Services

  • Third-party Surveillance and Verification
  • BOP Stacks and Related Valves
  • Choke Manifold and Lines
  • Kill/Mudlines
  • Casing
  • Workover Rig BOP Stacks
  • Wellhead Gas Leak Detection
  • Flange Gas Leak Detection
  • Pipeline Gas Leak Detection

Accumulator Testing

  • Function Test
  • PreCharge Test
  • Timed Test

Our Reputation

Punctuality: Whenever and wherever needed, we will always have one of our highly trained inspectors to your location promptly.

Professional:Our Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is to talk with all personnel on location before testing or inspection to explain the procedure. Once cleared, we begin the testing process or compliance surveillance.

Thorough: Our professional staff will stay on location until the task is completed. Whether it is equipment testing or compliance verification, our methodologies have you covered.


Knowledgeable: Our highly trained and experienced inspectors will provide accurate reports and information to the client.

Our Pride:

  • Expert services
  • Prompt arrival
  • Safe practices
  • Personable attitude

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